Everything You Need To Know About Apple Service Fundamentals

Apple Service Fundamentals is a course for a period of three days which teaches the participants the skills which they need to handle the face to face interactions with customers involving all the Apple devices. There are various hands-on exercises and interactive discussions which guide the participants through the methods to teach customer interaction. It also teaches the safety precautions which are required and the basic troubleshooting skills. The knowledge of the participants is tested through role-playing and real-world circumstances. The training for Apple Service Fundamentals is available at fmctraining.com for people who work or wish to work at the service facilities authorized by Apple. And anyone can attend this course of three days who wish to be certified in order to repair and troubleshoot macOS and iOS devices.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

• It helps to validate and identify customer engagement skills which include setting expectations, empathy, positioning of services on refusal and resolution of conflict.

• Apple Service Fundamentalsis a course which helps the participants to position an upgrade, a repair or attachment. These skills help to ensure that the issues of the customers are effectively resolved.

• This course also helps to plan and strategize for setting up resolution expectations which are realistic.

• Carefully examining customer statements which might indicate issues of any type.
• You will also learn to determine the level of coverage by finding the serial numbers on any all Apple devices.

• You will also learn the importance of troubleshooting which you can describe to your customers and the business.

• Through this course, you will also learn about the tools which you can use for troubleshooting.

Apple Service Fundamentalsis a course which will teach you to manage customer expectations and includes lessons on ESD precautions, troubleshooting, customer interactions and macOS and iOS fundamentals.

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